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Hypnotherapy Courses

Offering International certification for your future profession.

Hypnotherapy Courses for your future profession and courses for post graduates to hone your valuable skills.The International Academy of Hypnosis  (IAH)  offers the most comprehensive Hypnosis Training Courses available in the world today.

IAH is accredited by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Plus the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association, a body with possibly the highest standards in the world.

Correct ethical training conducted under quality monitored standards. We offer the highest quality hypnosis courses training in South Africa. We prepare students in all aspect of hypnosis. Also continued study updating and adding skills for graduates. Training ethics, complete confidence, and a vast spectrum of usages of hypnosis courses and hypnotherapy courses not equaled in South Africa.

IAH offers Hypnosis Courses in South Africa from centers in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and soon in Pretoria.

We offer Hypnosis Courses Training in South Africa comprehensive courses such as Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. All with International certification.

Certified Hypnotherapist is 200 hours of  both home study and face to face assessment. Conducted over 12 months and costing R24000.00,  R18500 on a mentored basis,  contact us for details.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist is either completed as 500 hours of study. Also for certified graduates as an additional 300 hours, consisting of home study, client consultations and face to face assessment. Cost of this additional 300 hours is R13995.00 including certification fees.

Recognition of Prior Learning; We offer Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification as a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment. Available to existing C.Ht hypnosis graduates from our training or from any other institution, who have been practicing.

RPL accesses all certification, experience in similar fields and client consultations towards the 500 hours experience necessary towards Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification.

A Gap assessment would also be necessary to see if any modules would need to be completed to satisfy these requirements.

The cost of RPL is R3995.00 including certification fees.

We can provide any modules required after the gap assessment.

Post Graduate Courses and Seminars  Ongoing Training courses and seminars carrying CEU points are available at our centres every month.

Post graduate courses offer one on one training in advanced usage and techniques to further hone your skills.

IAH Curriculum

History of Hypnosis
Understanding and Misconceptions of Hypnosis
Limitations of Hypnosis
Hypnosis Terminologies
Basic Induction Techniques
Contra Indications
Basic psychological processes
Conscious and unconscious processes
Counselling introduction
Influencing skills
Legal Aspects

Ethical Behavior


Advanced induction Techniques
Deepening techniques
Induction techniques for adults
Helping younger people
Hypnotic Analysis
Hypnosis suggestibility tests
Scenarios and experiential examples
Cognitive therapy
Behavioural therapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Information gathering and interpretation
Questioning and listening skills
Basic Empathy
Summarizing and feedback

Hypnotherapy strategies
Spontaneous trance states
Induction techniques for children
Specific techniques
Regression methodology and uses
Hypnotic anaesthesia
Hypnotherapeutic treatments
Relationship challenges
Life challenges
Sport applications
Substance abuse and Addictions
Stress and Anxiety
Fear and its effects
Self Esteem
Eating Disorders
Compulsive Behaviour
Grief and Loss
Advanced Psychological Processes
Script Writing
Advanced Therapeutic Applications
Appropriate Self Disclosure
Advanced Empathy and counselling
Negative effects of Counselling
Effective challenging and enquiry
Gestalt and transactional analysis
Interpersonal Therapy
Major Theoretical Frameworks
Stress Management
Qualitative conditions
Responding to Emotions
Client Centred Therapy
Working with Grief and Loss
Legal Aspects Revision
Case Studies
Value and Belief systems
Setting up a Practice
Room Setup
Business and taxation obligations
Designing a Business plan
Website development
Written Examinations
Face to face assessments throughout

Continuing courses  and discussion groups available for post graduates.

Personal mentoring

Hypnotherapy Training is available now

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